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                Product Center

                FREEZE-DRIED SERIES
                FREEZE-DRIED SERIES

                Freeze Dried Cranberry Milk Tea With Lactobacillus


                Taste: crisp and delicious, with strong tea flavor.

                Production process: freeze drying process; adding active probiotics, using raw milk fermentation.

                How to eat: open the bag to eat; you can also heat water or milk brewing food.

                Origin: Jiangxi

                Product specification: 30g

                Product introduction:

                1. Using FD Aerospace freeze-drying process, only extract water, retain more than 95% of the nutrients.

                2. No less than 100000000 active probiotics are added per 100g to help the intestinal tract exercise.

                3. Raw milk fermented yoghurt, keep milk alcohol taste, natural health and nutrition.